Breast Surgery


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    We commonly see women, and some men, who feel a breast mass or have an abnormal mammogram. We will work closely with your referring physician, your imaging center, as well as the Hill Breast Center at Baptist Medical Center to accurately diagnose your condition, whether benign or cancerous.

    We understand that you are anxious to make sure you don’t have cancer, or if you were told you have cancer you would like to be treated immediately. Here, at North Florida Surgeons: Baptist Jacksonville Division, our surgeons will discuss your treatment options, which may include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and/or hormone therapy. The good news is, that many patients will be diagnosed in the early stages of breast cancer, when it is very treatable.


    Our surgeons work with all Hematologist-Oncologists, as well as Radiation Oncologists, in the Jacksonville community and surrounding region, including Cancer Specialists of North Florida, 21st Century Oncology, Ackerman Cancer Center, and Baptist MD Anderson.

    Our surgeons offer breast conservation techniques when possible, as well as sentinel lymph node biopsy, a technique that allows us to take only the important lymph nodes in the armpit, and reduce the chance of arm swelling and other problems. Our first concern is to give you the best chance of cure that we can, but we will also optimize cosmetic outcomes. When reconstruction is considered we work closely with the talented plastic surgeons with Florida Plastic Surgery Group, another division of North Florida Surgeons.



    This is a technique our surgeons use that allows us to take only the important lymph nodes in the armpit, and reduce the chance of arm swelling and other problems.


    A lumpectomy, or partial mastectomy, is a breast cancer surgery that removes a tumor plus some of the surrounding healthy breast tissue leaving your natural breast intact. Usually following lumpectomy, radiation to the breast tissue is recommend to help prevent cancer regrowth in the breast.


    There are various types of mastectomy surgeries that involve varying degrees of breast and tissue removal. Your team of doctors will advise what is best for your specific condition and choose the surgery and treatment that is recommended for you.

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