Patient Testimonials

Dr. Morgenthal,

Earl and I wanted to thank you and your staff for such a wonderful experience through our bariatric sleeve surgery and recovery so far. Earl and I have struggled with our weight for about 16 years after the birth of our first child. The weight seemed to pile on, and we tried everything such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutri System, Low Carb, etc. The cycle was the same for all diets. Earl and I would be gung-ho for the first month and lose weight, but it was short lived because we would go off of it and gain our weight back. It was very frustrating and embarrassing. Our lives were revolved around food. We would discuss our full menu for the weekend before the weekend even came. When we went on vacations we would be focused on where we were going to eat. Life was starting to get challenging.

When we first came to see you, we were both pretty scared. Our fear was short lived because when we met you, Ava and Flo, we knew we were in the best hands. Your entire staff made us feel welcome and comfortable. During our first visit, you answered all of our questions honestly. You did not sugar coat the responsibility of our own actions for the surgery to be successful. Jan at the Nutrition office that you referred us to made it very clear. We were both a product of our own eating habits. The three month wait period made us both realize that our lives were going to change, and it has.

As of today, Earl and I have lost close to 200 pounds combined. As we continue on our weight loss journey, we are glad that we have you and your staff to help us through. Your encouragement, honesty and enthusiasm have made a huge difference in our recovery and well-being. We could never thank you and your staff enough. Thank you for everything you have done and will do for us in the future.

Much Love,
Michele and Earl M.